Even mom  turnt


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"you gotta finger dis jawn"

i was thinking about this vine in my cinematography class today

Spanish teacher: okay now say something in spanish
Me: Yo soy la princesa, comprende mis white lines

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The act of sticking a raw hotdog in ones anus and performing anal sex with it as a a dildo then grilling and eating it.


"nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" this literally runs through my head every time i'm about to eat and i've been hospitalized twice and that phrase is making everything so much worse and it's been so long since you posted that phrase and i'm sorry but damn


I know how you feel doll, I had an ED a long time ago and for me now, from my new prespective this phrase means to me that nothing will make me more happy than being healthy and loving myself, because eating junk food didnt me make feel good, an ed didnt make me feel good, drugs didnt make me feel good, alcohol was not an scape either, so I had to open my eyes and realize that HOLY SHIT- I’M MY OWN WORST ENEMY, so if i wanted to be comfortable with myself and my body and my looks i had to WORK FOR IT, so i drove to my closest gym, i played ‘britney spears - work b**tch’ on repeat and i hired a dietitian/trainer and now im happier than ever, im happy and nothing tastes as good as WERKING, eating healthy, praying, going to the spa and loving myself feels. god bless angel <3 be healthy, love&light 2 u

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